Electroharmonix Bass9 Bass Machine Pedal Processor

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  • The polyphonic BASS9 Bass Machine transforms a guitar into nine different basses and requires no special pickups, MIDI or instrument modifications. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals, like the award winning MEL9® Tape Replay Machine, but features a new algorithm maximized for transposing one to two octaves down with superior dynamics and tracking.
    • A rotary switch allows the user to select the sound of their choice, as follows:
    • • PRECISION: Pays homage to the iconic Fender P Bass®
    • • LONGHORN: Emulates the Danelectro® 6-string bass, ideal for baritone type tones
    • • FRETLESS: Features both electric and standup fretless basses.
    • • SYNTH: A tribute to the classic Taurus® Synthesizer
    • • VIRTUAL: Lets the user adjust the bass’s body density and neck length for a variety of bass sounds
    • • BOWED: Classic bowed bass
    • • SPLIT BASS: Makes it possible for the guitarist to play bass on the lower strings (all notes below F#3) and chords or melody with the higher strings.
    • • 3:03: A polyphonic salute to the sought after Roland TB-303® vintage bass synth
    • • FLIP-FLOP: Inspired by EHX’s Octave Multiplexer, it provides a ’70s style logic driven sub-octave generator that tracks without glitches.

  • The pedal is equipped with independent Effect and Dry volume controls so guitarists can precisely tune their mix at the Effects output jack, plus an always-active Dry output jack that outputs the input signal at unity gain.

  • Controls 1 and 2 have been designed to adjust specific parameters for each of the nine programs. For example, in PRECISION, CTRL 1 controls the sub-octaves while CTRL 2 imitates the original instrument’s tone control.
  • The BASS9 comes equipped with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply.
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