Instrumental music offers a wide range of guitar repair services in Thousand Oaks including; re-string, fretwork, electronic repair, pick up replacement/upgrade, and much more. All guitars require periodic adjustments to maintain playability we are your local source for fast, efficient, and friendly repairs and advice.

Your musical instrument needs a tune up, just like your car

Guitar necks are generally made out of wood with metal inserts known as frets. The relationship between the guitar strings and the fret is known as the "action". Most guitar manufacturers set the action somewhere between 3/32″ and 7/64″. The higher the action, the more difficult it is to depress the guitar strings creating fatigue and poor playability. Should the guitar neck shift, or warp due to humidity or aging of the wood, the action may become too low creating fret buzz and fret-outs. Due to the precise standards required for good playability and the fact that wood tends to shift & change over time, all string instruments require periodic maintenance an adjustment. If your guitar has become difficult to play a simple "setup" may resolve the problem. Our repair shop is open to all, even for items that were not purchased at Instrumental Music – bring it in, we’d be glad to help!


Common Guitar Repairs

  • Guitar string replacement
  • Guitar tuner repair
  • Fret board replacement
  • Broken neck repair
  • Pickup replacement
  • Fret buzz / vibration repair

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Tired of your old, broken music gear?

Why not trade it in! Instrumental music accepts trade on all instruments we sell, including guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and wind instruments. We’d be happy to give you an estimate on your trade in, so that you can get jamming on a fresh new instrument.

Trade & Upgrade


If you love your guitar, but you’d love to customize it – We have a huge parts department with custom pickguards, upgrade pickups, designer knobs and much more. A few upgrades and you’re guitar will be one-of-a-kind.