Boss Katana Gen 3 100W 1x12" Combo Guitar Amplifier Guitar Combo Amp

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With Katana Gen 3, the acclaimed BOSS stage amplifier series evolves to take your guitar ambitions to the next level . New Tube Logic enhancements enrich the core platform with even greater sound, feel, and response, including an expressive Pushed amp character that edge - of - breakup fans will love. The BOSS Tone Studio app has also been updated , making your remote amp and effects editing workflow more intuitive than ever. Loaded with inspiring tone tools and diverse connectivity options, Katana Gen 3 is your indi spensable centerpiece for studio recording, live performance, and daily practice. Equipped with 100 watts of Class AB power, the Katana - 100 Gen 3 model delivers big , stage - ready sound in an easy - to - carry 1x12 combo.
    Main Features
  • Third-generation Katana amplifier with evolved Tube Logic sound and expressiveness
  • Stage-ready 100-watt combo amp with a custom 12-inch speaker
  • Six amp characters-including the newly developed Pushed type-plus a selectable variation for each
  • Five independent effects sections: Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb
  • Three-way Contour for shaping the overall tonal color
  • Three Cabinet Resonance options: Vintage, Modern, and Deep
  • Eight tone Setting memories for storing all amp and effect settings
  • Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and response at low volumes
  • Updated Boss Tone Studio app for remote editing from a computer or mobile device
  • Download and share Katana sounds on BOSS Tone Exchange
  • Compatible with sounds created on previous stage-class Katana models
The BOSS Katana series has become a standard for guitarists everywhere since its introduction in 2016. Katana amps embody decades of BOSS development knowledge, providing professional, tube - inspired sound coupled with modern advantages like onboard effects, one - touch memory recall, deep sound customization, and reduced weight. Katana Gen 3 elevates the lineup with even more range and versatility, bringing you a playing experience that goes where no other amps can

Tube Logic recreates tube circuitry and all its complex interactions at a component level , putting the coveted tone and feel of classic tube amp designs under your fingers . Ou r approach continues to evolve with refinements to the five amp characters available in previous Katana models , including the iconic high - gain Brown type . The new Pushed character spotlights internal dynamic enhancements with the pleasing touch - responsive gain of a clean combo driven into harmonic saturation. A ll six amp characters include a selectable variation, giving you 12 distinctive tones to support every musical style.

Katana Gen 3 features five simultaneous effect categories loaded with essential selections from the historic BOSS library. Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb sections offer enhanced sound quality, grab - and - go parameter controls , and three variations each for access to 15 unique effects. BOSS Tone Studio unlocks additional possibilities, allowing you to customize the onboard effects from 60 different types and tweak dee p options not available from the amp’s panel . And when the optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor is installed , you can wirelessly edit sounds on the gig using the BTS editor app on your smartphone.

BOSS Tone Studio for Katana Gen 3 offers new visual enhancements and graphic customization options that make crafting your tone faster and more intuitive . Explore amp and effect editing tools, change the effect order, and shape the overall sound with the three - way Contour control and multiple EQs . D ial in system - wide settings and behaviors. And organize custom setups for all your gigs. You also have access to BOSS Tone Exchange , where you can download pro setups and share sounds with the worldwide Katana community.

Katana - 100 Gen 3 features a host of powerful tools for modern performers. E ight Tone Setting memories let you store and recall complete amp/effect setups, while rear - panel jacks support remote control with footswitches and an express ion pedal . The GA - FC and GA - FC EX Foot Controllers ex tend your capabilities even further , providing complete stage control solutions for your Katana Gen 3 . S witch Tone Settings, turn effects on/off, integrate multiple expression pedals, and more. The GA - FC EX model also includes an expansion option to double your footswitches or control two Katana amps at once.


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