Strymon Ultraviolet Vintage Vibe Pedal

SKU:  ae00-25037
Manufacturer Part #:  ULTRAVIOLET
Quintessential Vibe A warm grittiness to the warble, a rippling, wooshing, bubbling irregularity to the modulation and a dynamic response to your picking are all hallmarks of the true vibe experience.
Thicker and chewier than any chorus, earthier than any phaser and uniquely magical in front of a driven amp, the perfect vibe pedal moves you to dig in and play without inhibition.
This feeling has been difficult to find outside of large and expensive fully-analog boutique units, but the search for that elusive experience is now over.
Delivering vintage vibe tone that’s second to none with simple and powerful controls for instantly obtaining a rich variety of captivating sounds, UltraViolet is the vibe pedal you’ve been looking for.


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SKU:  ae00-25037^ULRAVIOLET
Manufacturer Part #:  ULTRAVIOLET
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