DOD Compressor 280 with Comp and Level Control

SKU:  ae00-24629
Manufacturer Part #:  DOD28014U
The 280 is an optical compressor that can go from light sustain to utterly smashed with the turn of a knob. Unlike faster non-optical circuits the 280 retains your high frequencies until you get into the more extreme settings. The 280 is ideal for chicken-pickin’, added sustain for leads, or snappy-slappy funk rhythm. The 280 also has enough output to be used as a lead boost with added compressor sustain. And like all of the updated DOD pedal, it has a modern power jack, LED, light but strong aluminum chassis, and true bypass switching.


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SKU:  ae00-24629^DOD28014U
Manufacturer Part #:  DOD28014U
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