Zaolla 10ft R. Angle Guitar Cable

SKU:  ae00-24576
Manufacturer Part #:  ZGT010R
Zaolla Silverline Guitar Cables fully embrace the conductive properties of solid silver to provide the most transparent tone possible. Their redundant shielding and true coaxial-cable geometry protect your sound from interference while maintaining flexibility on stage or in studio. Each guitar cable is terminated with rhodium-plated, Oyaide 1/4-inch connectors crafted from a solid phosphor bronze contact and silver-plated for unrivaled conductivity.
  • Solid-silver inner conductor for improved high-frequency transmission and increased headroom for overtones
  • Stranded-copper outer conductors to boost midrange frequencies for flat frequency transmission
  • Precision foamed polyethylene dielectric to minimize capacitance and high-frequency attenuation


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SKU:  ae00-24576^ZGT010R
Manufacturer Part #:  ZGT010R
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