Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 1x12 Combo

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Manufacturer Part #:  1RV25BKF
"With the worldwide success of the Mini Rectifier® Twenty-Five Head, we were frequently asked to pack all that lightweight expressiveness into a Combo format so those needing a self-contained package could enjoy this mighty little amp too.
  • Well, your wish is our command - and we didn’t stop there…
  • Introducing the Recto®-Verb™ Twenty-Five Head and 1x12 Combo. These are the Reverb-endowed, fraternal-twins of our little Mini Rectifier® lunchbox that’s been taking names all over the globe.
  • These even mightier packages are slightly larger – just big enough to accommodate a 1x12 speaker in the case of the combo and long-spring Reverb tank in the case of the head.
  • In both cases they boast all the same great performance that the Mini Rec™ is famous for and more.
  • Plus, their classic vinyl-covered birch cabinets provide a wide array of custom finish options to fully personalize them."

  • Wattage: Multi-Watt™ 10 or 25 (Channel Assignable)
  • Channels & Modes: 2 Channels / 4 Modes
  • Mode Voicings styles: Ch. 1 = Clean or Pushed Ch. 2 = Vintage or Modern
  • Graphic Eq Reverb Fx Solo: Reverb, FX Loop
  • Foot switchable Functions: Ch. 1/2
  • Speakers Impedance: 1 - 8 Ohm Celestion
  • Vintage 30 / Total Load = 8 Ohms
  • Weight: 41 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17" H x 19" W x 11" D
  • Available Formats: Head, Rackmount & 1x12 Combo

  • Amp Type: Tube
  • Rectifier Type: Silicon Diodes
  • Rectifier Tubes: n/a
  • Variac PowerSwitch: n/a
  • Preamp Tubes: 6x Mesa 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes: 2x Mesa EL-84
  • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias: Yes
  • Wattages Quick Reference: 10 or 25 Watts -
  • Channel Assignable - See Power Amp Details for more information
  • Built In Power Amp Attenuation: n/a
  • Power Amp Details Class Wattage: Mesa's Patented Multi-Watt™ (Patent 7,602,927) Power Amp, featuring Dyna-Watt™ technology, providing two power levels, each with different wiring configurations (Pentode/Triode) via two 10/25 Watt Power Switches: Choose from 2 power tubes operating in Class A/B Triode for lush harmonics and a sweet, liquid feel at lower volumes, producing 10 Watts or; 2 tubes operating in Mesa's proprietary Dyna-Watt™ Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch and clarity, producing 25 Watts
  • Number Of Style Modes: Four
  • Number Of Style Modes Per Channel: Two
  • Channel Controls: Each Channel features Independent 2-Position Style Mode Switch, 10/25 Watt Multi-Watt™ Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb (back panel) and Master Control
  • Graphic Eq And/or Contour: n/a
  • Reverb Effects Bypass Options: All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls (back panel)
  • Effects Loop Bypass Options: Fully Buffered Series FX Loop
  • Global Output Level Control: n/a
  • Global Solo Level Control: n/a
  • True Bypass Options: n/a
  • External Switching Jack Options And/or Midi: External Switching Jack for Reverb
  • Speaker Outputs: One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
  • Cabinet Simulation Direct Live recording Output: n/a
  • Internal Amp Load For SpeakerLess Performance: n/a
  • Headphone Output: n/a
  • Slave Output: n/a
  • Extra Features: n/a

  • Footswitch: Included - 1 Button Footswitch (Ch. 1/2)
  • Slip Cover: Included - Fitted Slip Cover

  • Cabinet Material: Marine Grade, Baltic Birch
  • Standard Finish Options (No Extra Cost): Black Bronco Vinyl, Black Jute Grille, Black Handle & Corners
  • Custom Finish Options: See Custom Finish Gallery
  • Speakers Impedance: 1 - 8 Ohm Celestion Vintage 30 / Total Load = 8 Ohms
  • Casters: n/a
  • Extra Features: n/a

  • Weight: 41 Lbs.
  • Height: 17"
  • Width: 19"
  • Depth: 11"
  • 1RV25BKF

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