Hohner 32 Note Melodica

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Manufacturer Part #:  32B
Learning to play a new instrument is one of the most rewarding tasks there is. And if you choose the right instrument to learn first, you’ll be able to pick up more and more different ones in a jiffy. The melodica is one of these instruments. It combines the principle of free reed and wind instruments with the virtues of pianos and keyboards. Basically, you’ll get the hang of three instruments, just by learning the one. And if that wasn’t enough, with a melodica you’ll be able to play your first songs in no time, even without any previous knowledge.

Once you’ve mastered “Jingle Bells” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”, you’ll want to move on to more complex and elaborate song structures. This is where the Student 32 comes into play. Its bigger range, compared to the Student 26, makes it perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, offering the dynamic needed for most current Pop and Rock songs.


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Manufacturer Part #:  32B
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