Taylor 80762 Guitar Slide Ebony Large (13/16")

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Using Taylor’s new, lighter ebony slide will reduce the weight of the bang — much more so than a brass, steel, or even glass slide would. And it’s the sound of the bang, more than the actual impact, that will shock you. With that, I wish you well on your slide explorations.

In late 2011, Taylor Guitars and Madinter Trade, S.L, an international distributor of guitars and tonewoods used to make musical instruments, partnered to purchase Crelicam, an ebony mill located outside of Yaoundé, Cameroon. The new ownership shares a forward-thinking vision for the procurement and milling of ebony, one that offers both investment and enrichment to the local community and ensures that ebony is legally, sustainably and ethically harvested.

Ebony has long been one of the most desirable tonewoods among makers of stringed musical instruments, tracing all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Its density, durability, and dark color uniquely suit it for fingerboards on guitar and violin-family instruments. It’s also used for piano keys, pool cues, and smaller artisanal sculptures.

Enjoy the warm tone of this hand-crafted West African Ebony guitar slide. Your purchase directly supports the men, women and families of Crelicam, and ebony mill owned and responsibly managed by Taylor Guitars and Madinter, and international tonewood supplier.


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Manufacturer Part #:  80762
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