Fender Billie Eilish Uke

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The Billie Eilish signature model is a concert size ukulele . That’s right in-between the small soprano and large tenor sizes—very easy to play and hold. The top, back and sides are constructed of sapele (pronounced (sah-PEEL-ey). It is an African tropical wood with tone characteristics very similar to mahogany. The satin urethane finish gives the instrument a lively resonance with a strong and articulate voice.

For those looking to plug in, the Billie Eilish ukulele is equipped with a Fishman® Kula preamp. All the essentials are here; Volume control, treble and bass EQ, and battery status light are all geared for live performance. A built-in tuner with its illuminated indicator is easy to read and eliminates the need for that clip-on headstock tuner.

The Billie Eilish ukulele has several decorative appointments that give it an unmistakable look. The top backs and sides all feature Billie’s blohsh™ logo repeated over a black background. The top, back and neck are all bound in aged white binding for a bit of sophisticated elegance. The binding gives the Uke clean lines and dramatically offsets the bold graphic.


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Manufacturer Part #:  0971752106
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