J. Rockett Audio Designs Tranquilizer Phaser / Vibrato Pedal

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Manufacturer Part #:  TRANQUILIZER
The new Tranquilizer is a swirly machine. One of our favorite effects of old was the original phase 45. We always thought it was more musical than the 90 and less “in your face”. We started out to make a recreation but then discovered features we needed. The tranquilizer is capable of classic phase 45 sounds, classic Univibe sounds, classic Leslie sounds and classic vibe only sounds. The key to everything morphing is in the Focus control, which is an external biasing feature. One of the things we never liked about the classic 45’s was that you could not control the low-end whomp, but you can with the Tranquilizer.


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Manufacturer Part #:  TRANQUILIZER
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