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The Xotic Effects EP Booster is a clean boost pedal taken to the next level. It is capable of providing up to +20db of clean boost without ever compromising the original tone. What seperates the EP Booster from other boost pedals out there is that the circuitry is based on the preamp circuit of the famed Maestro Echoplex used by famous players like Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Eric Johnson. Because of this, the pedal is capable of providing an array of shimmering, warm undertones, giving your sound an incredible boost. The EP also has two tiny DIP switches underneath the back plate which control high-end frequency boost and low-end frequency response. And due to its small size it will fit on even the most cramped of pedal boards. The EP Booster is the perfect pedal for adding overall fatness to your tone without any overbearing frequencies, and when used with a killer overdrive pedal or an overdriven amp, it's like icing on the tone cake! Like any Xotic pedal the EP is true bypass and is made with only the highest quality components. It can be powered with an optional power adaptor or a 9V battery.


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SKU:  ae00-13834^EPBOOSTER
Manufacturer Part #:  EPBOOSTER
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