Ernie Ball VP Jr Volume Pedal

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Manufacturer Part #:  EB6180
The Ernie Ball Volume Pedal is world renowned for its smooth, long-throw action. The new Volume Pedal Jr. features a more compact design than the standard Volume Pedal. The potentiometer has a 25,000 Ohm resistance suitable for the Audio path of passive instruments. Behind the jack area under the footplate is a micro taper Switch which provides the User two distinct volume swell rates. A Tuner Output is provided and allows silent Tuning when the pedal is in the heel down position. The Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr. is perfect for any player whether on the road or at home.

-Compact design
-25 kohm potentiometer for active pickup signals
-Tuner output

Silver Volume and Expression No Power

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SKU:  ae00-3087^EB6180
Manufacturer Part #:  EB6180
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