PRS HDRX 1x12 Stealth/Celestion V70

PRS HDRX 1x12 Stealth/Celestion V70

SKU:  ae00-24225
Manufacturer Part #:  SK112SVT
PRS HDRX speaker cabinets feature a closed-back design, delivering full-spectrum sound. The Celestion V-type speakers offer a balanced, vintage tone with crisp highs and airy lows. This speaker cabinet is expressive (not boxy) and an ideal pairing with PRS HDRX heads. And with black covering and salt and pepper British-style knitted weave grill cloth and PRS signature logo, PRS HDRX cabinets are a handsome accompaniment as well.


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SKU:  ae00-24225^SK112SVT
Manufacturer Part #:  SK112SVT
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