Used 1958 Harmony H-65 Hollow Body Natural with Original Case

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Manufacturer Part #:  USEDH65NAT
For all fans of late 50's hollowbodies, this USA Made Harmony H-65 in Natural will speak to you. This 64 year old guitar is in Very Good Condition, especially for its age. Featuring the original single pickup in the neck position, this guitar is perfect for blues, jazz or some Hard Rockin especially through a few fuzzes. There are a few small scratches/dents on the body, though nothing major or anything that effects playability or tone. The pickguard is in good condition, there is a small crack due to its age and it is made out of acetate so it is amazing it has made it this long with no major damage. There is some small scratching on the top of the headstock as well. The neck looks like it has been reset/has a shim. See photos for details on all damage and everything else. Everything is original on this guitar including the chipboard case. The case is in good condition. This beauty weighs in at a respectable 6 pounds (5.99lbs). Scale length is 24 inches. Fully hollow with a nice tailpiece. Guitar is currently strung with flat wounds. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this guitar.

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Manufacturer Part #:  USEDH65NAT
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