Martin 00028 Brooke Ligertwood

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Manufacturer Part #:  00028BROOKELIGERTWOOD
New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Brooke Ligertwood, also known by her stage name "Brooke Fraser", has had wide-ranging international success as both a mainstream and worship musician. Brooke has a long standing and deep personal connection with Martin guitars and Martin was thrilled to team up with Brooke to design her dream Custom Artist model. This auditorium style guitar is tastefully designed with a clean aesthetic. The model was inspired by a combination of Brooke's favorite aspects of Martin's Paul Simon and Eric Clapton Custom Artist models that are part of Brooke's collection. Personalized features on this model includes a simple wreath pattern inlay on the headstock, and Brooke's signature inlayed on the twentieth fret. It also includes a signed paper label that is numbered in sequence.

Natural/Stain 000/OM Rosewood

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SKU:  ae00-23830^00028BROOKELIGERTWOOD
Manufacturer Part #:  00028BROOKELIGERTWOOD
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