Fishman SA Sub 8" 300W Subwoofer

SKU:  ae00-19377
Manufacturer Part #:  PROSUB300
The SA Sub from Fishman is an 8" powered subwoofer designed to provide 300W RMS of low frequency reinforcement for bassists, DJs, and presenters in small to medium size rooms.

Its left and right XLR/TRS combo jack inputs are internally summed to mono before feeding the amp. The inputs are simultaneously passed through to the dual XLR outputs without summing or filtering. The SA Sub’s 30-125 Hz frequency response can be tailored to meet system-specific needs. The crossover’s low-pass filter offers three frequency settings, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, or 125 Hz. Switching off the separate low-frequency extension may help tame boomy lows resulting from problematic room acoustics. When more pronounced bass is desired, simply turn on the low-frequency extension from the back panel.

There is an LED for indication of signal presence and limiting. Adjust the volume control to suit preferred bass levels or prevent limiting. Hum caused by ground loops can be addressed via a back-panel ground-lift switch. To combat phase issues, use the sub's phase switch to invert the polarity of the signal.

8" woofer
300W RMS
30-125 Hz frequency response
Left and right XLR/TRS combo jack inputs
Left and right XLR pass-through outputs
Crossover with adjustable low-pass filter at 80 Hz, 100 Hz, or 125 Hz
Switchable low-frequency extension
Volume control
Signal/limit LED
On/off switch for front LED indicator
Phase invert switch
Ground-lift switch


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Manufacturer Part #:  PROSUB300
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