Pedal Tuners

  • Korg PBAD Pitchblack Advance Pedal Tuner
    Korg PBAD Pitchblack Advance Pedal Tuner
    As the clear standard in pedal tuners for the guitarist or bassist, the Pitchblack is loved by professionals and amateurs around the world. The Pitchblack Advance is the next-generation model, a further evolution that features an advanced cutting-edge form and many of the functions and technologies developed for previous models of the Pitchblack series. Embracing both the traditional and the revolutionary, it represents the perfect summation of pedal tuners.
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  • TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini
    TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini

    With its ultrabright display, groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode, insanely fast and accurate strobe tuner and an unfathomably small enclosure, the Polytune Mini 2 pedal will serve as a massive upgrade for your pedal board while claiming very little of your precious pedal board real estate.

    Attuned to Your Board
    Staying in tune is without a doubt the most important thing in music, but that doesn't mean that a tuner should take up valuable space on your pedal board. With PolyTune 2 Mini you don't just get a small tuner, you get the smallest polyphonic tuner in the world. So besides getting a super-fast and precise tuner, you also get more room for more gear. It's the pedal that just keeps on giving.

    Guided by the Light
    As if cramming TC Electronic's award winning PolyTune technology into this tiny enclosure wasn't enough, they've also managed to cram 109 ultra-bright LEDs into a miniature display to make sure that no matter what the situation, you will get an instant and clear readout on whether you're in tune or not. And you know what that means ... less time tuning and more time for rockin'!

    Pocket-Sized Precision
    By transferring the ultra-precise chromatic strobe tuner from the Polytune 2 to this highly compact enclosure, TC Electronic's engineers actually managed to get +/- 0.1 cent of tuning accuracy. So whether you just need a quick tune-up on stage or want to setup your intonation with incredible precision, Polytune 2 Mini has you covered.

    Power supply sold separately.

    Small footprint, highly visible.

    • Super small footprint
    • Polyphonic, chromatic and ultra-precise strobe tuning modes
    • Retina-scorching bright display
    • PolyTune - tune all strings simultaneously
    • Chromatic strobe tuner - 0.1 cent tuning accuracy
    • Ultra-bright LED display with ambient light sensor
    • Ultra-small footprint - will fit on any pedal board
    • True-bypass with silent tuning
    • Up to five semitones flat tunings
    • Drop-D and capo tuning
    • Power supply sold separately
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  • TC Electronics Polytune 2 Tuner Pedal
    TC Electronics Polytune 2 Tuner Pedal

    The original PolyTune rocked the world. It forever changed the way people look at tuning. The world's first polyphonic tuner took the hearts of guitarists by storm. Was it the jaw-droppingly awesome polyphonic tuning that made tuning much faster, easier and intuitive? The bright LED matrix with auto-dimming that ensured maximum visibility? The slowing of the needle as you approached the correct pitch? Maybe the monopoly technology that sensed whether you played one or six strings and instantly adjusted accordingly?

    It was probably a combination of factors. Whatever it was, you loved it. But TC Electronic is all about moving forward, so they've improved on perfection and added some guitarist gems that cement PolyTune 2 as a leader of the pedal tuning pack.

    ¢ PolyTune Technology - Tune all strings simultaneously
    ¢ Retina-scorching bright display
    ¢ Ultra-precise chromatic strobe tuner

    Polyphonic Perfection
    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know with PolyTune, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, and it will immediately tell you which strings need tuning. It really is as simple as strum - tune - rock! This way, you spend minimum time tuning and maximum time doing what you love most: playing.

    And They Thought Einstein Was Bright!
    The display on PolyTune 2 is primed with some of the brightest LEDs. Remember when some tuners were really good for daytime gigs, and others excelled in dark clubs? With PolyTune 2, you get an instant clear overview, no matter the situation. And the ambient light sensor makes sure you get just the right amount of brightness. Every time.

    The Strobe Is Strong With This One
    The original PolyTune was best-in-class when it came to precision. Great - but why stop there? TC Electronic has gotten many requests from the guitar community to add a strobe tuner - a decision they'd been debating internally as well. So let there be strobe! For fine-tuning your precious gear and giving it the care and attention it deserves to super accurate tuning in the studio or by a roadie on stage. This strobe tuner is lightning fast and ultra precise. How precise is it? Well, let's just say if you tune and then put your pick on the fretboard - you're gonna see the difference.

    PolyTune 2 - FineTuning Innovation
    With PolyTune 2, TC Electronic wanted enhanced performance and maximum precision, without getting away from what made the original PolyTune such a hit. Have a look at their feature list, which combines the revolutionary with a strong display of innovation.

    Full Strobe Ahead
    The strobe tuner in PolyTune 2 is super accurate and super fast. Finetune your instruments with surgical precision at blinding speeds. Sounds good, right? We're talking 0.1 cent tuning accuracy and in case you don't really know what that means - there are atomic clocks who'd kill for that accuracy.

    Tuning Magnet
    The tuner magnet feature slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, delivering a quick and easy tuning experience - any time, every time.

    MonoPoly instantly recognizes whether you play one or more strings and replies with the appropriate poly- or monophonic tuning mode.

    Total Recall
    PolyTune 2 stores your preferences. From pitch reference to tuning mode, it hangs on to this information even after it is powered down, making sure you only have to set how you want things to happen once.

    Brighten Up Your Day
    This feature will make you smile - basically, the new LEDs in PolyTune 2 are bright enough to be seen from space, but the ambient light sensor in PolyTune 2 ensures you always have the right brightness. The result? A clear and pleasant visibility, no matter what situation you're in.

    True Bypass
    This allows for your carefully sculpted tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.


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